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Posted by admin at February 12, 2010

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PUA Bootcamp is a common phenomenon today. You can find two to three day or even one week training conferences or conventions across the United States. From Les Vegas to Washington, the options will be plenty to choose from.

There are several considerations that you want to make in deciding on where to attend the PUA Bootcamp. You do not want to fly several thousands of kilometers say to Russia and just get nothing but training on computer slides. Some of the more creative organizers will ensure that you travel across the globe to get the most peculiar experience. This is why you will need to chose Eastern countries such as Russia and Thailand for an exotic experience.

Look for the age of the trainees. You can settle on cross generational age if you want an experience out of your generation. If you do not like too much of exploring new heights, then you would rather fill in the internet reservation form and select the particular age group that you want to attend.

The costs for this PUA Bootcamp can vary widely. They range from a few hundred dollars to some thousands of dollars depending on the package and the privacy levels. There is always room for negotiating the prices of the training camps. Besides, you can know off some of the components of the package and have a lower fee. The rest of the package such as the practical field works can be arranged privately.

Lastly, you need to look out for the variety of trainings that you will receive from the Bootcamp. There should be options for learning about the various hot sex styles, the day and night games, phone games, the various kinds of women including cultural blocks that may hinder communications.

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