PUA Openers – The Most Commonly Made Mistakes!

Posted by admin at March 3, 2010

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In dating a woman, the hardest part is how to get to the hard parts of the conversation. Just how will you be able to tell her that you want sex? The truth is that most men who end up getting laid have the benefit of having met a woman, who is straight forward and who was able to face them. This helped in pointing to the required need of the day. Otherwise most men find it hard to have the right PUA opener.

As a pickup artist or one who has attended a PUA Bootcamp training, you will realize that there are some common mistakes that men will do that will make it difficult to be able to have a PUA opener.

Not knowing your target: This is a common mistake that you will find among men who have travel across the globe for a foreign experience. You need to realize that these girls that you are meeting are of course different from those at home. You must therefore seek to know a few things about what is considered a hot approach by the girls in the particular city. Otherwise you be using eye contacts and other body languages that keep you away.

Keeping to the old game style- Again when you have travel to another city or country, then you need to be aware that some of the styles that worked for you as PUA opener may not work in the new place. You would rather ask and learn.

Sticking to one target- This is simply folly. You should instead aim your arrow at many other girls to be able to get one. Drinking too much alcohol- This will take away your steam and the girl will never come back. Bragging about your bank account- this will only earn a thug, not a passionate night.

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